UAT Named Winner of VETCON’s Business Plan Competition

UAT (United Aircraft Technologies) is proud to announce that we have been selected as the winners of the VETCON 2018 Business Plan Competition! VETCON (Veterans in Economic Transition Conference), is an annual Capital Region conference organized by the Tully Rinckey Foundation. It offers veterans with vast opportunities for education and professional growth through networking opportunities with entrepreneurs... Continue Reading →

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National Aviation Day

Sunday August 19th marks the 79th annual observation of National Aviation Day here in the United States. Established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939. National Aviation Day commemorates the amazing achievements in aviation and the extraordinary pioneers that made them possible. Sharing his birthday with National Aviation Day, FDR chose August 19th because of this... Continue Reading →

How an Innovative In-flight Wireless Sensing Technology For Wiring Integrity Can Improve Aircraft Safety

Aviation technology continues to improve with the decades. Today’s engineers have an arsenal of tools, such as a variety of sensors, that push innovation forward. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is aware of this and has conducted several flight test programs on commercial aircraft that carry sensors during flight to monitor their structural health and... Continue Reading →

UAT at eMerge Americas

United Aircraft Technologies Inc. was delighted to be a part of eMerge Americas annual technology conference in South Florida last week.  The two-day event was held on from April 23-April 24, 2018 at the Miami Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida. Over the last few years, eMerge Americas has become the preeminent technology event, bringing... Continue Reading →

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